The Maker Workstation

A modular workbench system that adapts to your tasks, tools and projects.

The Maker Workstation is a different kind of workbench. It’s modular, it adapts to different tasks and tools and is customizable. It’s a modern workbench system that uses ‘furniture’ to position and hold workpieces, top plates you can specialize for different needs, side plates to hold your tools, modules and fixtures for quick changes, and accessories. Designed for woodworkers and makers that use a variety of tools from hand to power. It brings out the best in modern power tools like track saws, the Festool Domino joiner, Shaper Origin hand-held CNC and routers, sanders.

Workstation Featuares

Position and Hold The Maker Workstation uses “furniture” to position and hold any shape workpiece anywhere on the workbench.

Quick Change Workstation Top Plates can be added, removed and customized for different project or holding tasks.

Adapt Custom Side Plates position tools, tool sets, vises and modules anywhere you want around the bench

Expand System-compatible Worx Sidekick Stacks expand the Maker Workstation when and where you need it.

Organize Workstation furniture and dogs are stored and organized at the ends of the workbench

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