Systainer Tool Tote

Sustainer Tool Tote
If you’ve got a CNC, you can make a great tool tote for hand tools that will fit in a Festool/Tanos Systainer.

This Festool Systainer tool tote is designed with a focus on hand tools and includes space for a set of chisels, block plane, saw, mallet, screwdrivers, pliers, folding rule and much more. I’ve included an alternate layout that adds space for measuring calipers, but you can design your own layout, too.

Every woodworker has at least one toolbox. Many of us have several. But, when it comes time to take your tools to a woodworking class or a job site a regular toolbox isn’t as good as an open tool tote designed to display, organize and protect your tools. Several years ago, I designed a tool tote insert for a Festool/Tanos #4 Systainer. Your tools are protected during transportation and when you need them you pull out the tote for easy tool access.

This project is designed to be machined on any size CNC and for that, I’ve included Rhino3D files and DXF files. It is possible to make one without a CNC, but it’ll be challenging to accurate cut the pass-through slots. I’ve included a 1/10th scale PDF file if you want to give it a try. Speaking of which, the secret to the project is finding the perfect fit for the slots. I suggest using my Plywood Thickness Gauge or digital calipers to find the gap needed. Armed with the needed thickness, change the width of the slots on the CAD file.

The Systainer Tool Tote was designed to be made from 9mm Baltic Birch Plywood. If you develop your own tool layout, send me a picture and if you’re open to sharing your tool layout with others send me your new DXF file and I’ll post it. Before you know it, we’ll have library of knock-down Systainer Tool Totes.

To download the Systainer Tool Tote files, head to the Store

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