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Maker Workstation 24×72 Layer Guide


PDF Layer Guide for the 24″ x 72″ Maker Workstation as featured in the June 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking. Layer Guides show you where to drill Dog holes, holes for T-Nuts, and holes for the stacked risers that separate the middle and bottom layers. Use this guide and a Maker Workstation CNC-made template (drill guide or router offset version) to make the Maker Workstation stacked top.

The June 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine features my article on the Maker Workstation.  This is a basic PDF format drawing Maker Workstation layer guide. All the dog holes require high accuracy and should be made using the Maker Workstation CNC-made templates. DXF template files are available in the woodworking.digital store. And, they are free!

With a CNC template, you need a Maker Workstation Layer Guide to keep you on track. This is the 72″ x 24″ Layer Guide. Other Layer Guides will be available soon. Later I’ll add 96 mm x 20 mm metric Layer Guides. Why use a guide? To keep track of where drill dog holes and T-Nuts are located. And, because drilling a grid of holes everywhere is a bad idea. More holes make your workbench less useful. Layer Guides offer optimal layouts for dog hole and T-Nut locations, leaving large open areas for workbenches of specific sizes. If a project comes up where you need more holes or a different layout, best to create Maker Workstation Top Plates (using the free CNC template for Top Plates/Worx Sidekicks) and workstation furniture. Remember the design principle: less is more.

There are extended online Popular Woodworking articles that take you through the process of constructing the Modern Base. Read my posts at popularwoodworking.com

As a reminder….

CNC-made templates are required for this project. To make them, you need template CAD files, a CNC, or a CNC service.

Ready-made Maker Workstation templates are available for purchase as the woodworking. digital store.

See the print issue or popularwoodworking.com for more project information and step-by-step articles to help you build the project.

My request back at you: If you build a Maker Workstation, I’d like to see it. I’d appreciate it if you send a photo and if you post it on social media, tag @woodworking.digital on Instagram and use the hashtag #makerworkstation.

All files and plans are as is and come without instructions, CNC programming, or project support.  

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