Maker Workstation 24″ x 72″ TOP DXF Files


Files to create a  Maker Workstation using a CNC. These are DXF files used for CNC machining a 72″ x 24″ Workstation Top. Includes all three top layers plus files to make Side Plate Holders and Side Plates.

Files to create a  Maker Workstation with a CNC. These are DXF files used for CNC machining a 72″ x 24″ Workstation Top. Includes all three top layers and files to make Side Plate Holders and Side Plates. Other parts needed are in the Popular Woodworking feature article. Though the workstation is 72″ long, it has been designed to be machined on CNCs with at least 24″ working width using step-through techniques or with a Shaper Origin hand-held CNC.

Files are available for Maker Workstation 72″x24″ top, system base, and workstation accessories. This file is for the Maker Workstation Top. A specially priced bundle is available for all three files.

Note that exported DXF files sometimes “unjoin” 2D object curves. Make sure you check and rejoin objects as necessary.

CNC programming information. All files assume Z touch off is on top. Adjust if you prefer to Z off the bottom.  Because these are layered files, additional CAM programming information outside of cutting all the way through the material is in the layer title. For example, The T-Nut countersunk layer indicates to cut .0625 deep or depth of the side plate mount pockets. Use a .250″ CNC mill or up-cut router bit, measure the bit you’ll use, program for it, and run tests of dog holes and plate mount pocket fit tests before you begin.

All files and plans are as is and come without instructions, CNC programming, or project support.  

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Because these are CNC-ready files make sure you understand the usage rules below.  By downloading the files you agree to the Non-Commerical license below.

If you think you’re up to producing Maker Workstations commercially, we are looking for a few enthusiastic and capable European partners to produce complete workstations and workstation kits for our clients and your own clients. You must be able to handle customer fulfillment and support in your own country. To qualify you must have proven commercial CNC fabrication experience, a CNC at least 48″ x 96″ in size, the ability to execute projects at a high level of precision with impeccable quality, and a desire to make all customers happy. If that’s you, contact tim@woodworking.digital


Three rules
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  3. All other content is Copyright Tim Celeski. All rights reserved.

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