12mm Baltic Birch Maker Workstation Template | Drill Guide Version


A Maker Workstation CNC machined 12mm Baltic Birch plywood template plus two, .750″ Precision Dogs for alignment. Available only in the continental 48  states. The project is featured in the June 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking. This template set is for using the Precision Drill Guide process outlined in the article.

The Maker Workstation Template Drill Guide Template is for woodworkers and makers who want to build a Maker Workstation. The set also includes 2- 3D printed Precision Dogs designed just for the Maker Workstation.

The MWS Workstation Template Set includes

  • 12mm 9-ply Baltic Birch plywood Maker Workstation Template Drill Guide Version
  • 2 – .750″ MWS Precision Dogs for accurate template alignment during workstation construction

Price includes shipping to the 48 Continental US states. If you live in AK, HI, or Canada, inquire about extra shipping charges. The product is not available outside the US and Canada. Washington state sales tax will be added for in-state sales.

Notes: The router and other tools shown in the photos are not included. Some photos shown are of earlier templates made out of MDF. This package is for two 12mm Baltic Birch plywood templates plus two .750″ precision dogs.

The June 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine features my article on the Maker Workstation.  You can build the workstation in a couple of ways. This is the Router Offset Bushing version. These high-quality 12mm Baltic Birch plywood templates are to be used for building the workstation using a router and offset bushings. The second template is for building Top Plates or Worx Sidekick Stacks that extend the capabilities of the Maker Workstation.

See the print issue or popularwoodworking.com for more project information and step-by-step articles to help you build the project.

CNC-made templates are required for this project. Sorry, paper templates will not work. The precision requirements for this project are too high and require a CNC template.

An alternative template set for using a router and offset bushing is also available here

A deluxe version that includes the MWS Top Plate/Worx Sidekick Template and a dozen custom MWS bench dogs is available here.

You need a Maker Workstation Layer Guide to help you locate dog hole and plate mount locations. It’s free and the 72″ x 24″ Guide is available here.

A drill, a Rockler Portable Drill Guide, and a 3/4″ flat-sided Forstner bit are required to make the dog holes using the template. Precision is important when machining. Make sure you read the article on the process of using the drill guide. Carefully align and clamp down the template before making your cuts and carefully lower the bit into the hole before you turn on your drill. Also, you’ll need a 1/4″ machinist center punch for marking locations of hold-downs and drilling the 5/16″ holes after your remove the template. Use the free Layer Guide to help you keep track of dog holes and hold down locations. Because the 24″ x 27″ template steps through three locations for a 72″ bench, you’ll need to register the template on the bottom corners at steps 2 and 3 with the two 3/4″ precision bench dogs that are included with the template.

After you’ve drilled the dog holes and hold down holes, mount and register the template with precision dogs again for routing the 1/4″ deep plate mount pockets along the sides of the workstation template. This requires a 1/4″ bit and 7/16″ bushing. Refer to the Layer Guide for plate mount locations.

My request back at you: If you build a Maker Workstation, I’d like to see it. I’d appreciate it if you send a photo and or if you post it on social media, tag @woodworking.digital on Instagram and use the hashtag #makerworkstation.

All files, plans, and templates are as is and come without instructions. Refer to the PWW article and woodworking.digital articles for construction information.  

Three rules
  1. Do not share files, please point friends to Woodworking.Digital website to access plans, templates, and other content.
  2. By buying, downloading, or using this product you agree to follow these key rules: All designs, plans, and files are subject to the CC Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 license. This means give credit for the original design and derivatives wherever it’s shown and confirm that you understand that you cannot sell creations based on the design nor the sell design files themselves.
  3. All other content is Copyright Tim Celeski. All rights reserved.

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