March 29th Live Sunday Workshop Follow Up

This afternoon we held the first Live Sunday Workshop. These live events will be every other week at 1pm PDT (8 pm UDT. Today’s Topic was Optomize Your CNC for Digital Woodworking. For those that weren’t able to attend, here’s a link to the recorded Sunday Workshop. It will only be available for one week.

Near the end of the broadcast, I mentioned that I’ve been testing and 3D printing face shields with the idea of making them for local medical and fire departments should they need them. If you have a 3D printer, I encourge you to investigate and consider contributing shields to your local community.

Earlier in the video, I mentioned the builder of my custom CNC. His name is Carl Bruce. He lives in Bremerton, WA and has built well over a 100 custom CNCs. Besides custom machines like mine, he’s developed a stock machine that’s delivered in a quick and easy to assemble kit form. If you’re interested in contacting to find out more call him, here.

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Here are the two models that I like best…

The Prusa Face Shield

The 3D Verkstn Face Shield

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