Laser Cutters

I’ve been curious about laser cutters for a long time. Though, some things are similar to CNCs — the X/Y movements, for example, a lot of things are different. For one thing, with fewer parameters to set and control, they are simpler to operate. Most settings have to do with the power needed for a given operation, say engraving or cutting through something. But, thanks to good design they can be easier, yet.

I’ve had to pleasure to spend some time with the developers of the Glowforge, located here in Seattle. What the Glowforge is, is a laser cutter with all the hard parts removed for novice users. Indeed, it’s simple to use. I recently spent several hours using one and it only took a couple of minutes to learn how to use it. An elegantly done product that anyone can put to work instantly. I look forward to spending some more time with it in the coming weeks and doing a review at my Popular Woodworking blog.


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