Laguna IQ CNC Available at a Great Price

There are some good choices in small CNCs that are well designed for woodworkers. What I’m referring to are well designed, sturdy and accurate machines in the 2×3 and 2×4 size range. One of best of them is the Laguna IQ 24″ x 36″ CNC. This machine uses a 3HP water cooled spindle, linear rails and balls screws – key ingredients that make for a high accuracy, heavy duty machine capable of serious digital woodworking. The Laguna IQ also has a feature that I really like that the other competitors don’t have – 4″ of overtravel. With that, you could add a setup to work vertically for joinery.

Good news. Between now and the end of January 2017 they are priced at $5500 instead of the normal price of $6000. Plus, shipping to your door is just $99 throughout the continental US. A good deal on an excellent woodworking CNC machine.

Here’s the link… Laguna Tools IQ

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