June 14th and 21st Live Sunday Workshops

Okay it’s time to get serious. Two, back-back Sunday Workshops and Furnture Design and CNC Machining. On the June 14th workshop, I”ll show you how to take a very basic design and turn it into a modern hall table. Then I’ll show you how I setup the machine operations and how to make it on a small CNC.

On June 21st, I’ll follow up and take the previous week’s 2.5D design and make it into a 3D CNC carved design using a couple of simple 3D CAD techniques. And, how to machine it, of course. Plus… Well, let’s just say that I’ll give you something to consider regarding future furniture design using the power of digital woodworking tools.

If a question that comes up during the workshop, just use the chat function in Zoom and I’ll do my best to answer it live. I may have a few questions of my own, too and will send out polls during the event. 

See you at the next TWO Sunday Workshops. Part one is 2D design and machining. Part two is 3D design and machining.

To join the workshop, at the time of the meeting click the links below.

June 14th Sunday Workshop PART ONE

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 8848 1905 1001   Password: 239927

June 21st Sunday Workshop PART TWO

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Meeting ID: 834 7701 9799   Password: 299007


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