2018 Classes at Marc Adam’s School of Woodworking

I’m teaching two classes at the Marc Adam’s School of Woodworking this year. The first is June 18-22, 2018. It’s an intermediate class, Transitioning into the World of Digital Skills, Tools and CNCs for Today’s Woodworker. The class is designed for woodworkers and furniture makers who have or will soon have a CNC, has some experience in CAD software.

The second class is CNC Jigs, Fixtures and Layout for Digital Woodworking. The dates are June 23-24. This is for CNC owners who’d like to learn how to use CNC precision to your advantage. How to modify your CNC bed for a custom pin registration system. Various jigs and fixtures to register on the bed. Included will be customized spoil board/ clamp fixtures. Jigs for machining multiple parts at the same time and my own clamp making jigs. The system I use on my own CNCs makes accurate setup, alignment, zeroing and clamping fast and easy.

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