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November 15th Workshop Replay

On Sunday, November 15th, I held an online workshop on YouTube. Rather than a Zoom chat, this was done as a live streaming YouTube event. The replay is now available on my YouTube Channel: The topic was a Q&A and I showed a new all-in-one custom CNC spoilboard bed dedicated to positioning, registering and […]

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May 31st Live Sunday Workshop

Digital Woodworking Q and A Okay it’s time. Previous workshops have been filled up, I rarely leave time fAfter 4 Live Sunday Workshops, it’s time for an open Q and A. I’ve been doing a lot of talking that last forr workshops, leaving little time at the end for questions. Now, it’s your turn. On the

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May 17th Live Sunday Workshop

May 17, 2020 1 pm PDT Digital Woodworking Tips and Tricks For many years I’ve been developing  and collecting various ideas, tips and techniques on how to work better, smarter,  more efficiently and new  ways to improve workflow using Digital Woodworking tools. The result is my personal collection of tips and tricks. I’m a bit obsessive about such things, so be prepared. It’s

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March 29th Live Sunday Workshop Follow Up

This afternoon we held the first Live Sunday Workshop. These live events will be every other week at 1pm PDT (8 pm UDT. Today’s Topic was Optomize Your CNC for Digital Woodworking. For those that weren’t able to attend, here’s a link to the recorded Sunday Workshop. It will only be available for one

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