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3D Carving Vice Chops for the BARN Workbench

A workbench designed for hand tool woodworkers but made (partially) with a CNC. Each bench features a unique 3D carved leg vise. Here’s a video introduction into how they were made. The BARN workbench was designed for the Bainbridge Island Artisan Resource Network. BARN is a Seattle area community group that built a wonderful community

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November 15th Workshop Replay

On Sunday, November 15th, I held an online workshop on YouTube. Rather than a Zoom chat, this was done as a live streaming YouTube event. The replay is now available on my YouTube Channel: The topic was a Q&A and I showed a new all-in-one custom CNC spoilboard bed dedicated to positioning, registering and

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June 14th and 21st Live Sunday Workshops

Okay it’s time to get serious. Two, back-back Sunday Workshops and Furnture Design and CNC Machining. On the June 14th workshop, I”ll show you how to take a very basic design and turn it into a modern hall table. Then I’ll show you how I setup the machine operations and how to make it on

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May 31st Live Sunday Workshop

Digital Woodworking Q and A Okay it’s time. Previous workshops have been filled up, I rarely leave time fAfter 4 Live Sunday Workshops, it’s time for an open Q and A. I’ve been doing a lot of talking that last forr workshops, leaving little time at the end for questions. Now, it’s your turn. On the

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