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3D Carving Vice Chops for the BARN Workbench

A workbench designed for hand tool woodworkers but made (partially) with a CNC. Each bench features a unique 3D carved leg vise. Here’s a video introduction into how they were made. The BARN workbench was designed for the Bainbridge Island Artisan Resource Network. BARN is a Seattle area community group that built a wonderful community …

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November 15th Workshop Replay

On Sunday, November 15th, I held an online workshop on YouTube. Rather than a Zoom chat, this was done as a live streaming YouTube event. The replay is now available on my YouTube Channel: The topic was a Q&A and I showed a new all-in-one custom CNC spoilboard bed dedicated to positioning, registering and …

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June 14th and 21st Live Sunday Workshops

Okay it’s time to get serious. Two, back-back Sunday Workshops and Furnture Design and CNC Machining. On the June 14th workshop, I”ll show you how to take a very basic design and turn it into a modern hall table. Then I’ll show you how I setup the machine operations and how to make it on …

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May 31st Live Sunday Workshop

Digital Woodworking Q and A Okay it’s time. Previous workshops have been filled up, I rarely leave time fAfter 4 Live Sunday Workshops, it’s time for an open Q and A. I’ve been doing a lot of talking that last forr workshops, leaving little time at the end for questions. Now, it’s your turn. On the …

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2020 Digital Woodworking Workshops

On March 14-15th, 2020 and June 20-21, 2020 I’ll hold exclusive two-day classes for 2-4 students at my shop. We’ll cover basics, beyond the basics and advanced techniques in Digital Woodworking. Whether you new to these tools and techniques, just want to learn more or more advanced, these workshops are custom designed for each student’s needs. …

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