3D Carving Vice Chops for the BARN Workbench

A workbench designed for hand tool woodworkers but made (partially) with a CNC. Each bench features a unique 3D carved leg vise. Here’s a video introduction into how they were made.

The BARN workbench was designed for the Bainbridge Island Artisan Resource Network. BARN is a Seattle area community group that built a wonderful community facility for artisans to share resources, education, and workspace. To give them a hand, I designed a new workbench. Having to build a total of nine benches on a budget presents some interesting challenges. One I added for myself was to make each workbench unique. So, in Rhino3D I designed and then used a CNC to 3D carve a vise chop for each bench. In this video introduction, I’ll show you how I did it.

In future posts, I’ll get into more details of the different vise designs.

Much more to come as we build the benches.


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