2024 Classes at the Marc Adams School

After a bit of a teaching hiatus, I’m back. I’ll be teaching three classes this September at the Marc Adams Woodworking School. The main class is five days long September 16-20. The focus for this project is to build my Greene and Greene inspired barstools. On the following weekend, I’ll be teaching two one day classes. The Saturday September 21st class is Beginning to Advanced 3D Printing. I’ll be covering the topic overall but will emphasize how woodworkers and makers can put these amazing tools to work. The Sunday September 22nd class is a crash course in building and using my Maker Workstation. Yup. One day.

I’ll have more information soon but in mean time, here’s a couple of useful links. First, a link to the Marc Adams school. It’s an amazing place, I’ve taught there for over 10 years and can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’re a hand tool woodworker, a hybrid woodworker or somewhere else on the spectrum this is a great place to go to learn more about woodworking. Can’t recommend it enough. macadams.com

Next, being the nerd that I am, I always have a website dedicated to my classes. More details, photos and specific class information, and follow ups are posted here for my students. classroom.celeski.com

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