A modular workbench system that adapts to your tasks, tools and projects.

Introducing the Maker Workstation

A modern workbench designed for woodworkers and makers

Woodworkers choose from a number of woodworking methods, tools and techniques. Some favor hand tools, others a mix of hand + power tools. Traditional workbenches are focused on hand tool woodworking. The Maker Workstation is a new kind of workbench designed for woodworkers and makers who use a range of tools from hand to power — particularly modern tools like routers, sanders, track saws, the Festool Domino joiner, and the Shaper Origin hand-held CNC.

The Maker Workbench, featured in the June 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine article is now available online for free. Plus, step-by-step construction, expanded details, building tips, news and more are being posted at popularwoodworking.com. Files for the CNC templates required for this project are available for free at the woodworking.digital store.

Featured Projects

Maker Workstation

The Maker Workstation changes and grows to fit any project. Using, small, portable, system-matching mini workstation tops that sit on top of Worx Sidekicks, this modern workbench is flexible and expandable.

Blacker Mirror

The Complete Guide to Building the Blacker Mirror is an expanded 54-page step-by-step ebook based on the classic Greene and Greene woodworking project that appeared in the June 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

FREE Resources

Plans and files available include…

  • Plywood Thickness Tester for CNCs
  • Shaping Jig Template
  • Laser Cut Holiday Card Stand
  • Modern Parametric Bench
  • Show Panels to Display Your Work

For woodworkers who use CNCs

CNCs and laser cutters are exciting new tools for woodworkers. I’m a furniture maker, designer, and teacher. At woodworking.digital, I share the methods, processes, tips and tricks that I use for successful digital woodworking.

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CNC carved vice chops

Introduction to the BARN Workbench

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Tim Celeski in the shop

Designer. Furniture maker. Digital woodworking enthusiast

Tim Celeski

Tim studied architecture and design before spending decades in business as a designer. Once he discovered woodworking, he fell in love with the craft, became a full-time furniture maker and never looked back. Using his design skills, his main focus has been on creating an extensive line of original design, high-end custom furniture. His work is in high demand and in collections all across the country. In recent years he is focusing on fine art wood sculpture, contemporary furniture, teaching, and writing on the topic of digital woodworking. Learn more


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